During cyclocross season (September through November), we have weekly practice at Willow MetroPark. Early in the season, we will start practice with a 30 minute clinic for beginners and some drills for those more experienced riders. This will be followed by a practice session on an ad-hoc course, including barriers and big hills. As the season progress, we will likely go straight to the practice session as daylight will be getting scarce.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend (non-members will need to sign a waiver). For the newbies, the clinic will be a great chance to learn about CX. The practice course will be a loop in a large open area of the park, so no matter how fast you go, you’ll always be near the group. For those with experience, this is an opportunity to practice race specific skills and pacing. The ride can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be.

Don’t have a cyclocross bike? No problem! Mountain bikes or fat tire bikes will work great for riding the course, and you can always feel
free to just ride around barriers if you’d like.

​Sign-up for text reminders by sending the message “@dcccx” to 81010. Or go to https://www.remind.com/join/dcccx.
I will send out reminders the day-of each event including any last minute updates or weather warnings. The location will likely move around Willow and Lower Huron MetroParks, so be sure to subscribe or watch the updates on Facebook.

Chestnut Sledding Hill
​Willow MetroPark
Washago Sledding Hill
​Willow MetroPark
Woods Creek
​Lower Huron MetroPark